Polished Titanium Tubing Info
  Polished Titanium Tubing  

It's hard to beat titanium as a tubing material. It's very strong, very light, and it's impervious to corrosion in the natural environment. Titanium has an almost infinite fatigue life under normal conditions. It can be flexed much more than most frame materials without permanent damage.

Tubing is most often specified by the OD and wall thickness, but may be specified by any two of OD, inside diameter (ID), and wall thickness. Titanium tubing can have a variety of surface finishes as well, ranging from a highly polished finished to a rougher mill finish.

Titanium tubing can be used in a wide array of applications. Bicycle frames are a very common use for titanium because of its high strength-to-weight ratio. The stresses continually put on bicycle frames often times become too much for aluminum tubing to handle. Titanium bicycle frames have become a staple among serious mountain bikers who abuse their bikes on a regular basis. Power generation plants have also been using titanium tubing for many years in the cooling systems. Because of its corrosion resistance, many of the same tubes that were installed 3 decades ago are still in service today.

Allied Titanium is one of the few companies in the world manufacturing polished titanium tubing. If you don't see what you need in our product list, please feel free to call.







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